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James Richardson

Since you are here I’m guessing that you are a victim of a broken relationship.

I understand… I have been there too…

This site is about saving a relationship that may seem lost. It is about providing encouragement and solid advice that can completely turn around the worst of relationships.

After going through a divorce 30 years ago I vowed never to set myself up for that kind of heart ache again. At that time I could not see myself ever getting married again.

What I’ve learned over the years is that most of the troubles I had in that relationship where of my own making and the ones that weren’t, I made worst almost every time.

I believe I have found the secret to having a lasting, loving relationship. Five years after going through that awful divorce, I remarried and we just celebrated our 20 year anniversary.

But you need to know this. I have done things drastically different this time around. That’s what this site is about. Proven sure-fired ways to work through your problems and create the loving, lasting relationship you desire.

I have also discovered 10 magic words that are guaranteed to fix 99.9% of all problems you may have in a relationship…

“You’re right, I’m wrong, what the heck was I thinking”

Try it… you’ll be amazed.

Rootin’ for ya,


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